Bringing Pipes Through A Veranda Roof

Most homes will have pipes on the rear wall, these can be from the toilet, sinks or the house gutter. If you are considering building a new Veranda you may be wondering how this will work with the pipes. Brightspace can customise your veranda to allow these pipes be brought through the Veranda roof.

We first carry out a survey to make sure that a roof rafter will not land at the pipe location and then we make one panel of glass 300mm short. This allows us to insert a waterproof cement board, in matching colour into the roof. The pipe can then be cored and brought through the board and then sealed to make it watertight.

Sometimes alterations may be also needed to the pipes such as bends etc to be fitted but we can organise and price this work for you subject to a site visit.

For further information on your Veranda please call out technical team on 045 844002 or call to our showroom at Johnstown Garden Centre, Johnstown Naas.

Here are some recent examples of pipes being brought through a Veranda roof

Hole is cored through the roof

Pipe is brought through the roof

Pipe is then sealed

Example of a rainwater pipe being brought through a Veranda roof