Drainage options for your Veranda

Our Vesta range of Verandas offer a very clever and sleek design where the guttering and the downpipe are completely concealed within the structure. The downpipe is brought inside one of the Veranda upright posts and can then exit the post above or below ground.

If there is no underground drainage or you do not wish to lift an existing patio to install the drainage then the downpipe can drain onto the patio or into a flower bed. This is the easiest option. See below photo of how this is done.

Veranda downpipe above ground

If you have a gully trap nearby then we can simply bring the downpipe into the side of the gully trap, this will then be concealed underground when you finish your paving.

Veranda downpipe connected to existing gullytrap

Veranda downpipe connected to existing gullytrap

Finally if installing new drainage into your patio area then we can connect your Veranda downpipe into this drain as below

Veranda drainage connecting to existing drains

If you need any help understanding these veranda drainage options our technical team are always available to answer any questions on 045 844002