Home Office & Living Space Sunroom Conversion

To design and build a bespoke sunroom extension, Dublin Ireland. To create a bright spacious warm addition to the home that would act as a natural extension to the existing living room.


The design was to compliment the home and create a warm living space for entertaining family and friends.

There was a kitchen extension on this property, which we needed to accommodate when building the sunroom. To create a living space that would not overtake the limited sized garden, but would still give the client ample space in their new room without darkening the inner living room.

Due to family visiting from overseas, the client wanted the job to be completed within 4 weeks.


We designed a gable front sunroom design, with 3 roof windows, to maximize the light into the inner rooms.

The sunroom design included 2 corner pillars, which perfectly framed the large viewing window looking out into the garden. We positioned the doors on the side for easy access onto the remainder of the patio, which would be professionally landscaped once the room was complete.

The door position also allowed for more furniture options in the new sunroom.


The sunroom is a fantastic addition to their home. Not only does the client feel they are in the garden, but they also feel like they got two new rooms as the garden is an extra space that is incorporated into the home through the sunroom.

They love their new, Brightspace sunroom from Christmas through Spring to Summer, each day it gives them magnificent natural light, it is very easy to heat and it provides them with uplifting, uninterrupted views of their garden and the wonderful wildlife that live in it.

The client was so impressed that she has since recommended us to her daughter, for whom we have recently successfully completed a new Brightspace room.






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