Dining Room Sunroom Bray, Co. Dublin

To build a new Sunroom which could be used as a dining room for visiting family and for special occasions such as Christmas


This house had already been extended so planning permission was required for this sunroom. We handled the planning application and all the necessary building control requirements for the project.

There were existing sewage pipes which were in the way and would have to be rerouted and the sewage and surface water was a combined system so a soakaway would need to be constructed.

Design Solution

The client wanted as bright a room as possible and with minimum maintenance. We suggested anthracite grey for the exterior of the frames as these would require very little cleaning.

The interior of the frames would be kept white which would brighten the sunroom. We designed a large glass gable end to the front of the sunroom which would allow light flood back towards the house and position two roof windows near to the house wall to light the inside rooms.

The size of the sunroom was designed around a suitable size that would fit the house and also suit the size dining table that was required.


A full technical survey of the house was carried out and all the sewer lines were identified. We advised the client to replace the fascia and guttering before the sunroom was installed as the exciting would need ongoing repairs which would be difficult after the sunroom was installed. We surveyed the heating and decided that as the house heating system has already been extended the sunroom would be better served with a separate run directly from the boiler house and that 2 radiators would be installed to ensure the room was warm enough.

The existing patio doors were removed and the opening plastered into a square walk through from the living room to create an open plan concept.


The entire build took six weeks . We recommended our landscaper who then installed the new patio once the sunroom had been completed. The client laid a modern laminate floor which gave a warm feel to the room. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

The result is a fabulous warm and bright dining area usable all year around including for Christmas dinner.






Tracey Xmas