Build A New Dining Room Sunroom in Dublin 12

To construct a new sunroom to link the original house to an extension and to provide a bright dining area off the kitchen with good views to enjoy the garden

Design Solution

Large sliding doors were chosen as french doors would have clashed with the existing patio doors. A large picture window to the front of the sunroom would allow great views to the garden.

Corner pillars were added to create a more cosy room against the large glass areas. The window wand wall from the kitchen would be removed to create an open plan space from the kitchen.


This home did not have any side access so all material and debris would need to be brought through the house and the clients would be working from home some of the time. There was an array of pipes which would be in the way of the new sunroom and these would all need to be diverted. The existing extension roof and the new sunroom roof would need to be joined using our insulated valley detail. The garden was also split level so there would be some access issues from the sunroom doors which would need to be addressed.


This build ran very smoothly. The pipes were successfully relocated. Some issues were identified with the extension roof which we rectified to allow the roofs to be joined together. The client also knocked some additional walls inside while we were there and had plasterers onsite.

The window was knocked out and plastered to create an open plan walkthrough from the kitchen area into the sunroom.

When we had completed the build the client then engaged a composite deck installer to complete the decking area outside the patio doors.

The build was completed in 6 weeks, a little longer than normal as access was difficult and we also carried out some additional work.


The final sunroom design creates a bright dining room addition to the kitchen with great views to the garden and access to a deck area outside the sunroom doors. Laminate flooring laid in the direction of the large picture window gives the effect of a much larger room and creates a warm effect. Bright paint colours help to maintain light both in the sunroom and the kitchen.


Daly Before


Daly 2


Daly 4