Extend The Living Area of a Home in Dublin 6W with a Sunroom

To extend the living area of a home with a sunroom and allow better views of the garden Dublin 6W

Design Solution

This home had a narrow but long private rear garden.  Large patio doors were selected with full length glazing to allow a better view out to the garden from the Sunroom. The new Sunroom had full length glass panels to the floor to allow the client perfect views to the garden and to make the room seem part of the garden. The sunroom roof required a valley detail to the rear to allow pipes to be brought over the roof. Grey frames were selected for the exterior and a finish to the interior.


The existing living area of this home was confined and did not allow adequate views of the beautiful garden. Access was tight and all materials had to be brought through a rear lane. The existing sewage would have to be moved and all the fittings were old cast iron and would need to be replaced. There was a kitchen extractor fan outlet in the way which needed to be moved.


After completing the survey the design was finalised and required a valley detail to the rear of the roof to allow for pipes to be relocated over the roof area.

The ground was excavated lower to allow the correct amount of floor insulation to be installed.The sunroom was insulated with an airtight spray foam insulation in the ceiling and 4 fakros were installed in the sunroom ceiling for light.

Our landscaping contractor worked directly with the client to install a new sandstone patio leading from the sunroom doors.

The  build took place over a period of six weeks excluding the patio works which were completed after we left. This project took a little longer than normal as we carried out some additional work to the clients sewer pipes which were in bad repair.


The sunroom was finished with a warm timber floor, white paint finish inside and modern soft furnishings. The interior doors from the house were kept in place to allow the room to be used separately from the house. A sidewall on the right hand side to screen off the neighbours and the pipes and created a warm feel to the room. The large glass screens allow perfect uninterrupted views to the garden.


Scully Before


Scully After