Example of How to Replace your Old Conservatory

To replace an old cold conservatory with a sunroom that can be used all year round on a semi-detached house in Dublin.


The existing conservatory was too small for the clients needs so the entire conservatory and concrete base would need to be removed.

The design would now be changed to an A roof which would require some modifications to the house roof.

The client requested that the circular patio be retained so we would have to keep this in perfect condition during the build.

Design Solution

A Gable Front sunroom was chosen to maximize light into the home. Cream coloured windows were selected to match the house windows.

We advised on a single door which would allow more room for furniture inside the sunroom. A cat flap was installed for the cat.

A large viewing window was created in the front to maximize the view of the garden.


Cream frames and a large viewing window were chosen to give the sunroom a contemporary look.

A brown steel tiled roof was selected to blend in with the existing house roof. Two large side hung windows were added to the front for ventilation.

The two roof windows would allow plenty of light back to the inside rooms in the house. The floor level was raised to match the existing floor level of the home.

Steps were installed at the door leading to the garden. The heating system was then extended into the sunroom. The build was completed in 4 weeks on time and within budget.


A beautiful example of a Gable front Sunroom which blends in perfectly with the existing home.

The client said

The Brightspace team couldn’t have done enough for me during my build. I found them to have the most amazing work efficiency and perfectionism. Punctual, reliable and attentive to all my needs as a consumer was next to none. I am thrilled with the outcome. My home was left in perfect condition with the cleanliness of the team.