To create a room off the kitchen for visitors, for entertaining grandchildren and to accommodate large family gatherings at Christmas time

The clients requested a large and bright sunroom, which would not darken down the inner rooms of the house, and also wanted a nice view of the garden, which would be landscaped once the sunroom was complete.


There was a boiler vent in the location where we would be building. There are very strict rules over how close you can build to the gas vents, on this project the boiler would require a pluming kit which would vent the boiler fumes at the required height above the roof.

There was also extensive shrubbery overgrowth in the garden which would need to be removed before the sunroom build commenced.


The new sunroom was completed in 5 weeks. A new patio was constructed by the clients landscaper leading from the new doors out to the garden. The white frame of the sunroom matched in perfectly with the house windows.

A large picture frame viewing window was positioned on the side of the sunroom to allow the light in and also to enhance the new planting in the garden. ed to the gas flue to ensure any fumes from the boiler were diverted away from the sunroom.


A fantastic example of a bright, spacious dining room sunroom, which is also used as a living room. The doors open onto the lovely new patio area. The new room did not darken the existing home.

The room was painted a lovely cream colour and new laminate flooring was installed to create a cosy space. The build was constructed on time and within budget. Their cat was also very happy with the new room!


Kitchen Extension Sunroom Perfect for Family Gatherings - Before


Kitchen Extension Sunroom Perfect for Family Gatherings - After


Kitchen Extension Sunroom Perfect for Family Gatherings - Interior