New Sunroom to Replace a Conservatory

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To replace an old conservatory with a sunroom on a dormer bungalow in Kildare. The clients needed an all year round room that could be opened up and integrated into the kitchen. This would create a much needed living room and TV room for their family. The clients wanted to maximise light while at the same time they wanted a warm cosy sunroom that could be used in the winter and all year round. They requested that we remove the doors, widen the opening to 8ft wide and supply and fit an RSJ, this would integrate the new room into the existing home.


To create a new bright space/ family room that would at the same time keep the light and brightness in the home and to create a contemporary design that would look aesthetically pleasing on the home.This new room would be open plan from the existing kitchen where we would widen the existing opening to 8 feet wide using a steel RSJ.

Design Solution

We designed a square Hip roof design with 2 roof windows for maximum light. The clients chose white pvc for the finish on the inside of the roof windows for brightness.White outside and white inside was recommended for the sunroom to blend in with the existing house windows.We suggested 3 large viewing windows to maximise the view into the garden. We recommended to use 100mm insulated plasterboard on all the external walls,150mm of spray foam insulation in the ceiling for a cosy room in the winter months


We had to remove the existing conservatory,following a technical survey we were happy the base could be reused, once we upgraded the insulation on the walls then we could construct the new sunroom onto the existing base. Where the conservatory had been integrated into the roof with a false gable we needed to remove this false gable and construct a new one that would be suitable for the higher pitch of the sunroom. One radiator was extended from the existing central heating system. The doors were removed, and the opening widened to 8ft wide using a steel RSJ which created an open plan walk through from the existing kitchen.We discussed with the client what type of flooring they would install onto the new floor and they decided on laminate ,with this information we ensured that the new concrete floor was laid at the perfect level so when the clients laid their floor the new floor would be at the same level as the existing house floor.


The sunroom took 3 weeks to complete. The build was constructed on time and within budget.

The clients were delighted with the completed sunroom,they were happy that we met all their initial requirements,built the new room within the agreed budget and timescale and that we left their home perfectly clean and tidy.

They were particularly happy with the size and spaciousness of the new room as it was more than adequate for their furniture requirements.


New Sunroom to Replace a Conservatory Before


New Sunroom to Replace a Conservatory


New Sunroom to Replace a Conservatory Inside