New Sunroom To Replace Conservatory In Kildare

We removed the old and cold Conservatory in Co.Kildare recently. It was replaced with a new bright and warm Sunroom that could be used as a living room for relaxing.


The existing conservatory, while structurally sound had been badly built and constructed off square and out of line, the client had a preference for keeping the existing base and floor and replacing the new room on this existing foundation. The conservatory was cold in the winter and there was too much glare to use the television. The other key outcome for the client was that the new sunroom should allow as much light into the inside rooms as possible as the existing conservatory did block much light and this light level should be maintained as much as possible.

The Build

A full technical survey of the existing conservatory was carried out. There was no sign of any settlement in the existing base and it was decided to use the same footprint.

The conservatory had been built too close to the gas boiler flue and we recommended that the flue be brought out through the kitchen roof so it would be compliant.

The white frames of the conservatory were replaced with a more modern anthracite grey finish while retaining a white finish to the inside to maximise the light.

The opening window design of the new sunroom was changed so that the frames were no longer in your eye line when standing inside.

As the existing conservatory was open plan to the house we constructed a hoarding to protect the house during the build.

A large triangle glass gable frame was fitted to the front to allow the sunshine further back into the room and 3 roof windows which also open were fitted to the roof. The result was a bright and cosy living room.

The Sunroom was completed with minimal disruption over a three week period, using meant no disruption to the clients patio or garden.


Travers before




Travers After