How To Replace a Poorly Insulated Conservatory with a New Sunroom

To remove an old conservatory that was poorly insulated and cold in the winter with a new sunroom that could be used throughout the year.

Design Solution

Because we were re-using the concrete conservatory base and walls we would have to retain the shape of the existing room which the client preferred, the client also chose the retain a traditional window design with decorative glass but all times with an emphasis on energy efficiency to ensure the new room would be warm enough.

4 roof windows were chosen to make up for any light loss with the new solid roof which was replacing glass.


Because the client had external insulation installed onto the existing conservatory base and had replaced cladded over the old conservatory sills it was recommended that the insulation be stripped so that new sills could be fitted to ensure that the new room would be waterproof.

Following consultations with the original insulation contractor a build plan was designed where the insulation would first be removed, then the sunroom built and then the insulation refitted. This would ensure a perfect finish for the new room and also match the house perfectly.


Because the base was already in place, the build itself was very straightforward. White windows were chosen, to match the existing home.

Large picture windows were selected to maximise the view of the beautiful garden whilst keeping the top opening windows ensured there was adequate ventilation.

Five spotlights were installed for ceiling lighting. The pitch of the roof was raised from 17° to 25° to create more height and a more pleasing look.


Due to our excellent surveying team the new sunroom fitted perfectly onto the existing base and the higher pitch created a brighter and more spacious look and feel.

The clients were delighted that the job was completed within the agreed three week period and within budget.

Our Client Said

Very happy with the conversion of our conservatory to a sunroom by Brightspace. Brightspace provided excellent advice on the project. Good communication and scheduling throughout installation. All the different trades worked seamlessly and to the highest standards. Delighted with the process and completed project.


Replace An Old Poorly Insulated Conservatory With A New Sunroom - Before


Replace An Old Poorly Insulated Conservatory With A New Sunroom - After


Replace An Old Poorly Insulated Conservatory With A New Sunroom - Interior