Old Conservatory to a New Sunroom

To replace an old conservatory with a new sunroom Blessington Co. Wicklow

Design Solution

The existing lean to conservatory was low at the front and the gutters blocked the views over Blessington. We designed a pitched roof with maximum size glass windows.

The new sunroom would have full length glass panels to the floor to allow the client views over the mountains and a large triangle gable window was fitted to allow the sunshine into the sunroom. White frames were selected to keep the room as bright and sunny as possible.


The existing conservatory was well built but single glazed and cold in the winter. The existing base would be reused but a patio had been installed at inside floor level so a section of this would need to be removed around the conservatory to prevent water ingress. The Sunroom roof would need to be measured to match the pitch of the house roof to match in perfectly and soffits of the house would need to be altered at the eaves to allow room for the sunroom roof.


At the survey stage the area of patio to be lifted was identified and we passed on details of our paving contractor for our client to engage.

We advised the client that the floor insulation was probably substandard but they were happy to proceed with the work.

The sunroom was insulated with an airtight spray foam insulation in the ceiling. A large picture frame was fitted to the front wall and glazed to the floor which gave the impression of being in the garden while sitting inside.

Some decay was identified in the house roof where we altered the the house eave and this was repaired by our carpenter while on site


The entire build took a total of 8 days over a period of a few weeks and was completed without any disruption to the clients house. The existing flooring was protected and reused. The large picture window gives fantastic views both from the sunroom and also when standing inside in the house.


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