Replacing an Old Timber Conservatory for 2023 in Dublin

 To replace an old, cold, leaking timber conservatory in Dublin with a new maintenance free PVC sunroom. This new sunroom would be both a porch and a nice living room for all the family to relax in. The old base was to be re-used so the shape would remain the same.

Design Solution

The client requested that the original Sunroom design be maintained except the single door would be removed and replaced with a glass window with a Composite Door which would now act as the front door to the house.

The double doors would be replaced with a feature composite front door. The new roof would be a solid steel tiled roof packed with insulation to ensure the room could be used all year round.


The house roof in-corporporated three valleys which all emptied into the original conservatory gutter; this was a bad design and could result in water ingress if the conservatory gutter blocked with leaves.

The entire roof area over the sunroom would need to be stripped and new lead valleys be built which would allow all the water from the house roof and new sunroom roof be channeled out island into a new gutter at the front.

Additional work would be required to repair the house roof and replaced the felt under the roof tiles to ensure a watertight area.

The project was to be carried out in January and the on-site fitting time was 2 weeks. We had to consider the weather carefully to ensure once we removed the conservatory that we could complete the project without snow, ice or storms interrupting the build.

The clients had other builders look at the project before they chose us and no other builder was interested in taking on the project due to the very difficult challenge of waterproofing the new sunroom given that it was integrated into the house roof.


Light oak frames were chosen to blend in with the existing home. A beautiful green feature composite door was chosen for the front door.

Four sunroom roof windows were installed for maximum light into the home. We insulated and plastered all the internal walls to a smooth finish to cover the original brick because the clients felt the brick was cold. 12 spotlights were supplied and fitted in the ceiling for overhead lighting.


A stunning, contemporary, maintenance free sunroom that blends in perfectly with the house. The front feature door was a success.

The client said:

They arrived on time and the initial build was completed on time. All the team were exceptional , professional and great at their jobs and a pleasure to deal with. Job was finished on time and we are delighted with the result.




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