A New Sunroom to Maximise Living & Garden Space

To create a warm, bright sunroom for extra living space, to entertain guests and general relaxation. The sunroom would also act as a bridge between home and garden.

Design Solution

Due the span across the house we designed a hip back roof which would allow a wider building without interfering with upstairs windows.


To build a new sunroom that would maximise the space but without taking up too much room, as the client wanted to retain the large garden.

There was no room to access the new side wall for plastering due to the proximity of the neighbouring extension so we had used a Forticrete wall to overcome this obstacle.

Forticrete is a prefinished concrete block which does not need to be plastered. We also installed a valley between the neighbours extension and the new side wall of the sunroom, to prevent water ingress between the two buildings.


White frames were used to maximise the light and to match in with the existing house windows. 2 roof windows were installed to maximise the light into the house, the roof light to rear was positioned over the opening into the house to allow more light to the inside rooms.

Large viewing picture frame windows were installed to create a better view of the garden. The corner pillars were constructed to create the look and feel of a traditional extension, while keeping the brightness into the dining room. Brown roof tiles were chosen to match the house roof.


The sunroom turned out far bigger and brighter than the clients expected. The internal room had not lost any light at all. The picture windows to the front gave the impression that garden was the same size as before work started.

The client carefully removed some of the larger plants in the garden which had a big impact on the remaining space.

The client commented

From the first contact to the completion, we had only very positive experiences! The different teams worked hand in hand and everyone did a fantastic job. Very professional, everyone knew what to do and the processes were clearly structured




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