Sunrooms for Bungalows in Ireland

Sunrooms for Bungalows, small houses, & one story buildings

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When adding a sunroom to a bungalow the height restriction of the house roof must be considered

Adding a sunroom to the gable end provides a blank canvas as there are no height restrictions but when designing a sunroom for the area of the house limited by fascia and soffit height there are a few clever design concepts that can be used.

Some of our Recent Sunrooms

Sunroom With Rear Valley

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Sunroom Designed For Single Storey.

Sunroom Built With False Gable

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Sunroom Built Into House Roof.

Sunroom Interior

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Sunroom On A Bungalow.

Sunroom On Dormer Bungalow

Sunrooms for Bungalows Hopkins

Sunroom With Gable Front On Bungalow.

Sunroom With False Gable

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Sunroom On A Bungalow.

Sunroom With False Gable

Sunrooms for Bungalows Moran 1

Sunroom With Gable Front.

Here are the key things to consider for the design

If the width of the room is less than 5m then you can consider creating a false gable in the house roof which will create the required height for the sunroom roof.

However once the room is wider than 5m we will normally use a ‘hip-back’ sunroom design. This option has some advantages. The design will allow for a longer sunroom to be built as there are no width limitations, the roof is joined to the house roof using a valley which allows for the addition of roof windows to the rear which will allow more light into the inside rooms of the house

As with any new sunroom it is important to check that planning permission is not required, see here (link) for further information on planning permission for Sunrooms. (You can decide if you want to have the planning information repeated for each type of sunroom or it you just link to it.

Planning permission for Sunrooms & Bungalows in Ireland

Planning permission is not required for a sunroom once the following applies

  1. It is positioned to the rear of the property.
  2. Any glass facing a boundary must be a least one metre away.
  3. You must have 25sqm of garden left after the new sunroom is complete.
  4. The sunroom floor area must not exceed 40sqm or the sunroom plus any other extensions you may have already added must not exceed 40 sqm.
  5. The sunroom roof must not exceed 4m in height.
  6. The sunroom must be on the ground floor.

For further information on planning permission for sunrooms please feel free to contact the Brightspace team