Sunrooms for Terraced Houses

Sunrooms for Terraced Houses in Ireland

Sunrooms for Terraced Homes Bray 1

With building densities increasing across Ireland, terraced houses are becoming more popular

Brightspace can design and build a sunroom for any house type but careful design is required. Here are some of the key things you need to think about when building a sunroom onto a terraced home.

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Some of our Recent Sunrooms

Terrace Sunroom with Serving Hatch To Kitchen

Sunrooms for Terraced Homes Bray 4

Sunroom Kitchen On Terrace house

Sunroom on Terrace house With Openplan Kitchen

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Sunroom on Terrace house.

Sunroom on Terrace house With Picture Windows


Sunroom Dining Room On Terrace house.

Terrace house with Sunroom


New Living Room Sunroom.

Open Plan Sunroom On Terrace


TV Room Sunroom On Terrace House.

Sunroom On Terrace House

Sunroom for Semidetached home

Large Sunroom On Terrace House.

Here are the key things to consider for the design

  1. If you intend covering the entire back of the house then you will be covering all the services for your home. Some of the services can be moved but some such as your exhaust from your gas boiler cannot be moved without a lot of disruption. It is common that we will have to leave a service space on one or other end of the sunroom where the gas boiler flue can be located and also to leave access to gully traps for sewage etc. This will reduce the available width by 450mm at a minimum.
  2. Watch the natural light. Your new sunroom may cover all the existing sources of natural light to the rear of your home so careful and professional design is required to maximise any light available.
  3. Door location and traffic. Your exit to the garden will now be through the sunroom so consider where you will locate your seating, desk, TV etc and then plan the exit route and door location. Remember we have been building these rooms for over 30 years so we have the expertise to guide you through the process and build you the best sunroom for your budget.

Planning permission for Sunrooms in Ireland

Planning permission is not required for a sunroom once the following applies

  1. It is positioned to the rear of the property.
  2. Any glass facing a boundary must be a least one metre away.
  3. You must have 25sqm of garden left after the new sunroom is complete.
  4. The sunroom floor area must not exceed 40sqm or the sunroom plus any other extensions you may have already added must not exceed 40 sqm.
  5. The sunroom roof must not exceed 4m in height.
  6. The sunroom must be on the ground floor.

For further information on planning permission for sunrooms please feel free to contact the Brightspace team