Sunrooms for Detached Two Storey Homes

Sunrooms for Detached Two Storey Homes in Ireland

Most detached 2 storey homes will have a kitchen and a living room/dining room to the rear

This presents a few options for the location and design of the new sunroom.

Below are some tips when thinking about the best and most suitable location for your new room.

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Sunroom built on a detached home with a solid wall one side

Here are the key things to consider for the design

  1. Are you planning to redesign or fit a new kitchen? Most homes have the kitchen sink at the kitchen window. To create an open-plan area between the kitchen and the sunroom it may be necessary to remove the kitchen window to make the space bigger, this will mean relocating the sink and waste pipes etc. Easy if you are considering a new kitchen but maybe a bit tricky if you are not planning any kitchen remodelling. If you would like to keep the existing layout then maybe try just removing the kitchen window and leaving as an open area to the new sunroom. See below for example.
  2. Would you prefer an open plan area or is this new sunroom a separate living room for the family and work? If the preference is to build a separate room then it might be better to consider building the new sunroom off the living/dining room. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and normally experiences a lot of traffic so creating a quiet space off the kitchen may be a challenge.
  3. Consider the direction of the sun on the rear of the house. Building a new sunroom may cast a shadow on another room so always check where the sun will rise and set and how the new room may affect any natural light you currently enjoy.
  4. Check the distance to the neighbouring property. If you are building a new sunroom within 1 m of the boundary with your neighbours then you must build this as a concrete solid wall and not have glass facing your neighbours. If more than a metre then you can choose between glass or solid wall or a combination of both.
  5. Check if planning permission is required for your sunroom. Most sunrooms will not require planning.

Planning permission for Sunrooms in Ireland

Planning permission is not required for a sunroom once the following applies

  1. It is positioned to the rear of the property.
  2. Any glass facing a boundary must be a least one metre away.
  3. You must have 25sqm of garden left after the new sunroom is complete.
  4. The sunroom floor area must not exceed 40sqm or the sunroom plus any other extensions you may have already added must not exceed 40 sqm.
  5. The sunroom roof must not exceed 4m in height.
  6. The sunroom must be on the ground floor.

For further information on planning permission for sunrooms please feel free to contact the Brightspace team