What is the best glazing option for a Veranda roof

Brightspace Verandas offer a choice of glass or polycarbonate roofing. Glass is the most popular option and to ensure your safety and peace of mind all our glass verandas are glazed with 8.8mm laminated safety glass. This glass is made up of 2 panels of 4mm glass with a safety film applied between the two panes this ensures that should a roof tile slip from the house roof or the roof be impacted by a stone, it is unlikely that the glass would break and if it did break it would remain in situ in the roof and would not shatter. This is the same glass that is used in a car windscreen.

Veranda with glass roof

The second and cheaper option for Veranda roofs is 16mm multiwall polycarbonate. This option is available in both translucent and Opal finishes, The translucent while minimising the loss of light is not see-through and can be used where privacy is a concern if the Veranda roof is overlooked. The Opal finish offers full privacy and also protection from the sun.

Polycarbonate roof will impact the light into the inner rooms of the house so this is an important consideration. The polycarbonate roof is also a cheaper option, our design team are always available to help and advise on what the best choice of roof glazing will be for your home.

Veranda with polycarbonate roof.